The Fault in Our Stars


I accomplished one of the goals on my list! I went and saw a movie by myself. The experience wasn’t bad.  

Why going to the movies by yourself is the best:

  1. You can sit where you want to sit!
  2. You can watch what you want to watch!
  3. You don’t have to listen to anyone complain about the movie!

It might be difficult to go to the movies by yourself for a few reasons: The awkwardness of standing in line and buying one single ticket (solved! Automated ticket systems!) and thinking that other people notice you all by yourself (no one cares!).

I saw “The Fault in Our Stars”. I had read the book a couple of months ago. It’s sad, depressingly sad, but so well written.

Spoilers ahead:

The movie stayed pretty true to the book. It was glammed up a bit with the beautiful characters, but hey, that’s Hollywood. There were three major differences between the book and movie. Gus’ previous girlfriend had passed away of Brain cancer in the book. Previous girlfriend was not mentioned at all in the movie. In the book, after Hazel’s hospitalization, she is strapped to a machine at night to help her breathe. Not in the movie. The book describes Gus’ demise in the end. It’s pretty graphic and leads to more and more tears. The movie made his passing pretty quick.   There are a few smaller changes, like the swing set. It sets up for the swing set screen, but doesn’t show it getting relocated. Also, Hazel’s appearance in the book is described as steroid puffy.

I enjoyed the book and the movie. I recommend both!