Gang Green of Dead Girl Derby

Dead Girl Derby has created a Zombie League. The Zombie League is mainly Class 3 skaters and a few Class 2 skaters. There are also guest skaters every month there is a game.

I am lucky enough to coach one of the Zombie League teams, Gang Green. We have a fun group of girls that work their hearts out at derby and are ready to kick it at the games!

Here are some photos of team pics. They were taken by Mary Wano of Felicity Portrait Studios, LLC. Hair was done by Pinkie Couture.

2014 Gang Green of Dead Girl Derby


Front Row:  Flux Incapacitator, Veruc Assault (Assistant Coach!), ScaryCary

Back Row: Crafty Mc Nasty, Ra-Jin Whoremoans, Ricki O’Shay, Bullet Vixen, Rabbid Rabbit, Yoshi! (Coach), Angry Island (Assistant Coach), Dean Wench-hitter, Sailor Moon Moon, Blazin Bay Bay, Dam-it Janet!


Captains and Coaches Picture


Coaches Picture


My Picture



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