Paleo Dinner Plans

Here are my dinner plans for next week:

Paleo Taco Salad with Paleo Tortilla chips

Paleo Chicken Kabobs with Grilled Zucchini

Paleo Steak Fajitas

Pulled Pork Sliders with Carrot Fries

Shrimp and Sausage Skillet with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Most of the recipes listed below are adapted from  They are super easy and summer-y recipes.  Let me know how you like them.  What’s on your menu this week?  Share with me some of your favorite dinners.  I am still working on the breakfast and lunch menus, but those are pretty simple to do.





Rockfest 2014 and Aaron Lewis is Amazing


Tease all you want, but I always enjoy Rockfest each year. What I have learned though is, don’t stay all day if there are only certain bands you want to see. I wanted to see Staind and Five Finger Death Punch. And all I have to say is Aaron Lewis is amazing.


Aaron Lewis’ rant was right on and it makes me respect him even more.

 Next year, I am going with someone that will have a good time and not bitch for the first half of the time we are there. 


How to Be Better at Derby (my version)

Remember, this is my opinion. This is how I help myself become a better derby player.

First things first, don’t forget your helmet. Sunday morning practice, I forgot my helmet. Thank goodness I have some awesome coaches and I was able to use one of their helmets. My first time using a hockey helmet and I’m not going to lie, I might need to get one in the future. I really like the fact that it is multiple impact and covers more of your head. I love my helmet, it’s a multiple impact also.

Besides drinking lots of water, eating well and cross training, there are quite a few other things that you can do to help you improve in derby.

Show up to the skills and drills practices, not just scrimmages. The skills practices are there to help you improve and learn the mechanics behind skating. They are broken down and presented in steps. Be actively engaged and focused. If you are screwing around, you are not learning. Don’t rush through the skills. You are at practice for two hours, take advantage of that.

Don’t make excuses. If you mess up, learn from it and be better. Be conscious of what you are doing.

Visualize how you want to play, then work hard to make your visualization come true.

Take risks, put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Play with more experienced and better players. You will try harder to be better. You will push yourself to make awesome blocks. You will dig deep to catch up with the other jammer. Find someone to chase during sprints and be determined to pass them.

I am sure there are a lot more ways to improve at derby, but that’s my short list. How do you improve as a derby player? I would love to hear some more ideas.


30 Days of Blog


It’s June. June is the month were you should blog every day. June is a wonderful month.

What do you want to accomplish in June?

I want to have an awesome start to my summer. I want to go Blueberry picking, be awesome for an audience and have the best vacation ever.

Let’s have the best June ever. Starting with today….

Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction


Step 1:  Start off with Two Popsicle sticks.  Lay them in an “X” on a flat surface.


Step 2:  Weave the end of the third popsicle stick underneath the end of the popsicle stick on the bottom of the “X”.  The rest of the third stick should be on top of the top popsicle stick of the “x”.  Make sure to hold them down and don’t let them go.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 with the fourth popsicle stick. Start under the second popsicle stick and weave over the third. Continue adding sticks until your heart is content.


Then let them go……

It looks simple, but it really is not. This was one of the experiments adult Girl Scout leaders did during the Get Moving! Workshop. Some adults had a difficult time doing it. It uses your brain in a different way.

The first time I gave this to the girls, they had a difficult time making it work. Last night, I just gave them the instructions and popsicle sticks again and above is the results. They did an amazing job and I am super proud of them. Try this with your Girl Scout troop. It is a great way to explain different types of energy and how energy is exerted.


Dynamic Warm Ups!

I have been doing a ton of research on dynamic warm ups and stretching for roller derby. I’ve found a few bits and pieces of information. I really enjoy reading the website. She has a ton of helpful tips!

From all my research, I have learned some things that I want to share with everyone on the interwebs.

Let’s start out with:

What is a dynamic warm up and stretching ?

Dynamic warm ups are warm ups that keep your body moving and engage the muscle groups that you intend on working out. You are moving as you stretch and not doing static stretching. (Static stretching is holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds. You remain motionless. Static Stretching temporary weakens the muscles. That is why I get so frustrated when as soon as I am finished leading a dynamic stretch some people just go and do static stretching. It hinders them though, not me. )

Why is it good for you to do?

Like mentioned above it engages the muscles that you will be using during your workout.   It helps to improve your range of motion. It improves your body awareness and allows better muscular performance and power.

Warm ups and stretching should not make you pant and so exhausted that you don’t want to continue on with practice. i.e. Sprinting for 5 minutes one way, then turning around and sprinting for 5 minutes the other way. What does that accomplish? Are you really warmed up or are you legs just tired from jumping right in to strenuous exercise?


I am going to post below one of my favorite dynamic on skate warm up. Maybe, one day, I will get video of it to post up. Until then, here you go….

All of the exercises listed below will be done in 30-45 second increments. If they need to go a little longer, that is all right. You need to adjust to your group.

Skating on the Track in a Clockwise position

  1. Squats – just normal plain old squats.
  2. Squats while touching the right boot, then alternating to the left boot.
  3. Side to Side Lounges
  4. Forward lunges
  5. Forward lunges with a twist, alternating sides
  6. Butt kicks
  7. Toy Soldiers – alternating legs and arms
  8. Skis
  9. Watermelons

Reverse Direction – now we will be going counter clockwise

  1. Watermelons
  2. Skis
  3. Opening and Shutting the Door – hip opener
  4. Jogging
  5. Shuffling Across the Track
  6. Drunken Crossovers