A little St. Joseph exploring on President’s Day!

I was off work, the kids were out of school, what’s better than doing a little exploration?

We started the day off with the Valentine’s Day party for the MOMS Club® of Kansas City/Gladstone Chapter.  Even though all my kids are much older then the majority of those children, we went anyway.  The kids had fun, had some good food and Peyton played a little with the other kids.  Alli made some bracelets.  It warms my heart to know, that this chapter of MOMS Club® is now flourishing again.  I founded this chapter in 2007.  I am not involved as much now, but I love going and seeing how much people are enjoying.  Are you interested in being involved in a MOMS Club®?  Check out the link here.  I am sure there is one in your area, or take a chance if it’s something you like and found your own. 

After winning one of the raffle baskets full of Mary Kay items, we headed up to St. Joseph, Missouri.  It was about a 45 minute drive from where we were.  It wasn’t a bad drive. 

Our first stop was the Pony Express Museum.  I had a coupon for a buy one, get one free admission. (it’s on the website).  When we went in, we were told it was family day!  It ended up being completely free!  What a great surprise!  Free stuff is always awesome.  We roamed around the museum.  It was pretty comprehensive and had some amazing artifacts.  I enjoyed reading about something, I didn’t know a lot about.  There was a working well, that was dug for the Pony Express.  They had an archeological dig that showed the foundations of the Pony Express Buildings.  Alli and Peyton attended a session in a one room school house.  The teacher explained to them about the time period, games they would play and what they would be learning.  Gasp!  People had to write in cursive, print was just for books!  I love that.  We need to get back to that.  I know I can hardly read some of the hand written items I get at work.  

Second stop in St. Joe was the St. Joseph Museum, which included a Doll Museum, Native American Exhibit and Civil War Medicine Exhibit as well as the Glore Psychiatric Museum.  I wasn’t impressed.  The kids weren’t either.  The first thing you notice is the smell.  It wasn’t pleasant and it didn’t go away.  It just lingered.  Yuck!  The Doll Museum was neat, my daughter enjoyed looking at it.  I couldn’t find the Civil War Medicine Museum, that’s what I would have wanted to see.  The Glore Museum has really pretty advertisement, but it’s not all it cracked up to be.  I enjoyed things like that, but I didn’t enjoy the museum.  The set up was cluttered.  There wasn’t anyone there telling you about anything.  It was just kinda blah.

After our Museum stop, we headed to eat at Applebee’s for an early lunch.  Then, set off for Camp Winding River where a large Encampment will be taking place in May.  I will write all sorts of things about that later!  I am super excited!

Anyway, that was our day in a nutshell.