About me, about me, what do you want to know about me…. 

This blog is mainly about me and for me.  This is a place I can compile all the things I love, like and enjoy into one place.


 My name is Morgan.  That’s what people call me in real life.  In derby life, I am called Veruc Assault or some variation of it depending on who I am speaking with.

I work for the State of Missouri as an Eligibility Specialist.  Eligibility for what?  Oh, that would be food, child care and cash assistance.  Don’t ask me questions about your case or about eligibility in other states.  I simply will not answer them.  That’s my job, I don’t do it outside of normal business hours.  I enjoy my work and hope to remain with the state for a long while.

 Three children.  That’s how many I have.  Expect numerous pictures and posts about them.  Tanner is a teenager, he acts like a teenager, enough said.  He’s a Boy scout, plays soccer for his school and is a little too obsessed with video games.   Alli is ten, going on sixteen.  She’s a Girl Scout, does tumbling and jazz dancing.  She loves crafts and creating things.  She’s very independent and will take on any challenge. 
Peyton is eight and all boy.  He wants to play all the sports, but is currently involved in soccer.  He enjoys legos, Minecraft, WWE and various video games.

ggtrivia5 morganalli

Then, I have Shawn, he can sometimes be like another child, but slightly, okay a lot older.  He’s obsessed with the Derbs and plays for two leagues, The Cowtown Butchers and Dead Girl Derby.  During the day, he drives all over and lifts heavy things.


We have two dogs, two cats and one chicken.  Yes, one lone surviving chicken. Sad panda.


That’s all for now, but if you want to know something about me, just ask.


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