I’m going to try Paleo again

Pictured is my last meal before my 2nd attempt at the Paleo diet. Which I actually love! So I had to have Grinders! Sundays are two fer pizza night!



Getting More Steps in Your Day!

I work in a sit down at your desk all day long environment. It might not be taxing physically, but it does take a toll on you mentally.

What I have been working on is getting more steps in on a daily basis while at work.

On the first day of July, I did not do well at all. I only got in 3076 steps.

July 2nd, I did a little better. I doubled the number to 6232.

My goal is to achieve 10,000 steps a day.

Ways I am going to try to achieve this:

  • Take a short 5 minute walking break every hour.
  • During my 15 minute breaks, walk around the building.
  • Take the stairs
  • Take the long way to the bathroom
  • Walk somewhere for lunch

What ways do you get steps into your day?  I need more ideas!