Things I Want to Do:

Things I want to Do:

  1. Indoor Skydiving
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. A Hot Air Balloon Ride
  4. Get a Tattoo
  5. Take a Zipline Ride through a forest
  6. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
  7. Sleep in an ice hotel
  8. Meet someone famous
  9. Create my family tree
  10. Send someone an anonymous gift
  11. Give Blood
  12. Donate Clothing
  13. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  14. Start a Charity
  15. Do a Charity Walk/Run
  16. Have a Homemade Christmas
  17. Make soaps/candles/lotions
  18. Get a Master’s Degree in American History
  19. Have my Palm read
  20. Buy a Home
  21. Write a Cookbook
  22. Participate in a Pub Crawl
  23. Go to the Movies by myself
  24. Throw a Themed Party
  25. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  26. Learn Archery
  27. Visit a ghost Town
  28. Visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park
  29. Midnight Picnic
  30. Tour the Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  31. Be Debt Free in 10 Years
  32. Tour a Lighthouse
  33. Start a savings jar
  34. Participate in a Triathlon
  35. Apply to Be on the Amazing Race
  36. Climb a Mountain
  37. Achieve my ideal weight
  38. Mardi Gras
  39. Chase a Tornado
  40. Visit all 7 Continents
  41. Visit the Grand Canyon
  42. Disney World Vacation
  43. Get a 1000 Followers on Pinterest
  44. Prepare my Will
  45. Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements
  46. Become a World Traveler
  47. Hold a Backbend
  48. Become a size 8
  49. Complete 90 days of p90x3
  50. Complete the Warrior Dash in under an hour
  51. Do Yoga once a week for 6 months
  52. Do 10 random acts of kindness
  53. Create and complete a 30 day photo challenge
  54. Adopt a Family at Christmas
  55. Alaska Cruise
  56. Explore Pripyat
  57. Score Points in the MADE Nationals Tournament
  58. Burning Man
  59. Get lost in Ireland
  60. See the Northern Lights

I think I am going to make this a continual list and mark them off and put new things on here that I want to do.


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