Dynamic Warm Ups!

I have been doing a ton of research on dynamic warm ups and stretching for roller derby. I’ve found a few bits and pieces of information. I really enjoy reading the http://www.rollerderbyathletics.com/ website. She has a ton of helpful tips!

From all my research, I have learned some things that I want to share with everyone on the interwebs.

Let’s start out with:

What is a dynamic warm up and stretching ?

Dynamic warm ups are warm ups that keep your body moving and engage the muscle groups that you intend on working out. You are moving as you stretch and not doing static stretching. (Static stretching is holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds. You remain motionless. Static Stretching temporary weakens the muscles. That is why I get so frustrated when as soon as I am finished leading a dynamic stretch some people just go and do static stretching. It hinders them though, not me. )

Why is it good for you to do?

Like mentioned above it engages the muscles that you will be using during your workout.   It helps to improve your range of motion. It improves your body awareness and allows better muscular performance and power.

Warm ups and stretching should not make you pant and so exhausted that you don’t want to continue on with practice. i.e. Sprinting for 5 minutes one way, then turning around and sprinting for 5 minutes the other way. What does that accomplish? Are you really warmed up or are you legs just tired from jumping right in to strenuous exercise?


I am going to post below one of my favorite dynamic on skate warm up. Maybe, one day, I will get video of it to post up. Until then, here you go….

All of the exercises listed below will be done in 30-45 second increments. If they need to go a little longer, that is all right. You need to adjust to your group.

Skating on the Track in a Clockwise position

  1. Squats – just normal plain old squats.
  2. Squats while touching the right boot, then alternating to the left boot.
  3. Side to Side Lounges
  4. Forward lunges
  5. Forward lunges with a twist, alternating sides
  6. Butt kicks
  7. Toy Soldiers – alternating legs and arms
  8. Skis
  9. Watermelons

Reverse Direction – now we will be going counter clockwise

  1. Watermelons
  2. Skis
  3. Opening and Shutting the Door – hip opener
  4. Jogging
  5. Shuffling Across the Track
  6. Drunken Crossovers

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