Mother/Daughter Tea



Alli and I had the pleasure of attending an awesomely put together Mother/Daughter Tea at Belvoir Winery

When I first got the invitation, I was most excited about the theme!  Kentucky Derby!  Who wouldn’t be excited about that?  And my first thought, WE HAVE TO MAKE HATS!   Alli’s was a purple themed hat.  There is a really good pic of it on my Instagram account.  You should check it out there. 

I went to the Thrift Store and picked up two straw hats for about $4 a piece. Then, I headed to the craft store and spent way more then that on ribbons, feathers and flowers. 

Alli and I took about an hour one night and made the hats glorious!

The Tea was very well put together.  The food was wonderful and we enjoyed every bit of it. We listened to two speakers:  Ms. Janice Kliethermes from Etiquette Kansas City and Ms. Missouri 2012, Jenny Temple.  I definatley learned a few new things about Etiquette.  I probably have a whole lot more to learn also!

I won one of the raffles.  Two free games of Putt Putt golf. 

After the tea, Alli and I went to explore the Winery.  You know, it is haunted after all….





Alli with Ms. Missouri 2012, Jenny Temple


Alli and her best friend, Abbi.20140429-105040.jpg





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