It Works: Greens




 My third water of the day always contains GREENS!  I enjoy the Orange Flavor.  It comes in two flavors through.  Berry and Orange.

This product is one of my favorites.  I’m going to be honest with you.  I do not like vegetables.  I have been able to tolerate them some what, but I would prefer not to eat them. (But then again, what kind of an example am I for my children if I do that?)  Actually, my kiddos love their veggies. 

The Greens come in three different packages. 

There is the Greens on the Go.  There are 30 packets of  convenienced serving sizes.   This is great when you are not home.  You can just put one in a bottle a water and you are good to go.  This is $35.00 Loyal Customer Priced.

Pictured above with my water is the Regular Greens size.  I keep one at work and one at home.  This is $33.00 for a Loyal Customer to purchase. 

If you want your whole family to take the Green, I recommend getting the Value Sized Greens.  This is $79 for a Loyal Customer. 






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