The month of March will be the month I will be committee to being a better person to myself.  By being a better person to myself, it will make me a better mother, Derby player, Girl Scout Leader and business owner.  This commitment will lead to a long lasting life change.  March is a good month, as it will be my new year.


Wednesday, March 5th is the beginning of Lent.  I don’t have a religious purpose around Lent, but I will use it to learn about self-control and self-mastery.  I will be binding myself to goals.  Fat Tuesday, will be the last time I eat pizza for 40 days.  On Ash Wednesday, I will fast from all meat and only eat one large meal for the day.

What I am giving up for Lent:

  • Soda/pop
  • Fast Food
  • Pizza
  • Social Media, besides Pinterest is only allowed for one hour of the day. (Facebook, Instagram).  If you need me, you must email me or text me.

Things I am going to do for Lent:

  • Write a letter each day to someone.
  • Donate money for a chosen charity.
  • Pay all bills on time.
  • Spring clean the home.
  • Exercise other than Derby practice (A good time to start p90x)

Now, that my goals are out in the wide, open public, I am accountable.


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