Jewelry Badge

Our second Girl Scout event of the weekend was a Jewelry class at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  They offer a few Girl Scout programs and this is the second one we have done.  (We did a drawing class back in November) 

jewlery2014alli jewlery2014alli2jewlery2014alli3




Purpose: When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to make different kinds of jewelry.

1. Get to know the tools of the trade:

           * Visit a jewelry store or jewelry artist.

            * Visit a museum with an exhibit on jewelry.

            * Invite a jewelry maker to talk to your group.


2. Make jewelry with metal:

            * Make a chain-loop necklace or bracelet.

            * Make a pendant with a photo or “caged” stone.

            * Make earrings by twisting wire into a shape.


3. Turn everyday objects into jewelry.

            * Make a bead bracelet.

            * Make two necklaces with different kinds of cord.

            * Make jewelry from nature.


4. Create jewelry inspired by another culture:

            * Friendship ring from Ireland.

            * American Indian animal jewelry.

            * Name pendant from England.


5. Make a sparkling gift:

            * Make jewelry for a friend.

            * Make jewelry for the girls in your troop.

            * Make jewelry for a relative.


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