When you receive upsetting news, it makes you question related things that should not be questioned. It makes you concentrate on the negative so much that it causes you to mess up. Things you were always told you were doing well are the reasons you didn’t get chosen. It raises a lot of questions of politics and fairness. I hate vague posts like this, but I need to express my frustration somehow. I want to elaborate more, but I cannot at this time. My soul is crushed and hurts. Only the clock moving forward will help it heal.


Where do you want to explore this year?

So, I am going to start out this new year with a blog about where I want to go in the upcoming year.

The first place is Disney World. I want to take the kids so bad. I know we will have so much fun. This would be a great family trip.

My mom is trying to convince me to go back to Destin, Florida with them. I am game. Destin is awesome.

I would like to go to either Vegas or New Orleans as an adult only trip.

Wildwood, New Jersey for the Colossal Coastal Roller Expo.

I would like to explore my own state of Missouri more. I have started a Pinterest Board of places to visit in Missouri. These will be short, fun weekend trips.

Where do you want to explore in 2014?